Walk the Ped Lines

Perhaps you’ve seen the signs around town. Or noticed the colored arrows stenciled on the sidewalk. That’s the Sebastopol Ped Line!
The Sebastopol Ped Line involves 3 self-guided walks:
This is the culmination of Cittaslow Sebastopol’s Park Once and Walk project, born from the Eco-Tourism Open House and designed to encourage visitors to ditch their cars and explore Sebastopol on foot. (Locals can enjoy it too!). This has been a 100% volunteer community effort.
The City Council approved a 6-week pilot project to get feedback about the routes so we could apply for grants from Cal Trans to improve sidewalks and crosswalks, and from the National Endowment for the Arts to create a mobile app. The pilot period is now over, but…
  • The signs are still up on the poles.
  • The stencils are still painted on the sidewalk
  • (Sometimes there isn’t a pole where you need an arrow).
Sebastopol is Cittaslow

Sebastopol has been a “Slow City” since 2010
Priorities of a Slow City:  
– Support locally made
products and agriculture.
– Celebrate local history
and culture.
– Welcome visitors and
embrace neighbors.
– Integrate technology for
improved well-being.
– Protect the health of the
– Develop community-
friendly infrastructure.
Cittaslow Sebastopol
Steering Committee  
– Tasha Beauchamp
– Clare Najarian
– Mayor Robert Jacob
(City Liaison)
– Sarah Gurney
(Alternate Liaison)
– Carol Capria
– Debbie Morris
– George Curtis
– Halle Pryor
– Marty Roberts
– Meg Mizutani
– Richard Von Sternberg

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