Favorite Walks

Favorite Walks

Take your own Sebastopol Walk! The Favorite Walks are a series of community-contributed walks in and around Sebastopol. Most of the walks listed here appeared on the Sebastopol Walks calendar over the past several years, but these are self-guided. While many begin and end at the downtown plaza, some start from other points around town.

What’s YOUR favorite walk?

If you’d like to share your walk, download our Favorite Walk Proposal form and send it in. We’ll get back to you to discuss the highlights, perhaps do the walk together and then publish it on this website.

Laguna de Santa Rosa Wetlands Exploration

Laguna de Santa Rosa Wetlands Exploration

Bright morning in the Laguna wetlands -- Rachel Ford James (via Flickr)

Bright morning in the Laguna wetlands — Rachel Ford James (via Flickr)

  • Distance: 5 miles, flat, easy walk (with shorter options)
  • Surfaces: on sidewalks, paved trails, and unpaved trails with some uneven surfaces that are wet in winter months

Wander through the Laguna de Santa Rosa Wetlands Preserve and Laguna Uplands Preserve — Sebastopol’s own portions  of  the larger 9000-acre  complex of wetlands stretching from Cotati to the Russian River — all within 15 or 20 minutes of the downtown plaza.

Why this is my favorite walk

34 years ago when we moved to Sebastopol, the Laguna de Santa Rosa was a largely ignored and degraded wetlands right on Sebastopol’s doorstep. Through the efforts of many people including my wife and me, it was finally recognized for the value it had as open space, wildlife habitat, and an important flood basin to relieve the Russian River. It is still just the beginning of its full restoration potential with organizations and government agencies cooperating to save the wetland that means so much to all of us humans and other critters alike. Part of this important work has been to build trails in the Laguna area so that we can enjoy this place without damaging it.

Richard Nichols.
Adapted from Sebastopol Walks, 3rd edition, by Richard Nichols.

Sebastopol Peace Pole Walk

The Peace Pole Walk

  • Peace Pole at the Sebastopol Community Church

    Peace Pole at the Sebastopol Community Church

    Distance: 7.1 miles: Plaza to all 8 Peace Poles and return to Plaza; with 3  mile option: Plaza to Peace Poles 1 thru 5 and return to Plaza; and 5 mile option: Plaza to Peace Poles 5 thru 8, and return to Plaza

  • Surfaces: Walk on city sidewalks, rural streets, and paved trails. Some hills
  • Additional details: Frequent public facilities

See the whole town when you take this half-day walk to eight Peace Poles installed in parks, community facilities, and residential homes in Sebastopol’s charming neighborhoods. Start from the Downtown Plaza or from any spot along the route and walk in either direction. Pack a picnic to enjoy in one of the parks along the way, or carry water and a snack and plan to eat in a downtown restaurant.

Why this is my favorite walk

Sebastopol is a fertile place for peace, a town filled with good energies, peaceful intentions, varieties of thought. The languages in which our poles speak include many combinations of sounds, cultures, experiences and histories. I hope you enjoy our community and, during your walk, will send out good energy for peace in our world.

— Barbara B., Local peace activist and author of this walk

PRECAUTIONS: Some sections of routes will take you along the highways and along local streets with no sidewalks. Always be mindful of cars; obey all traffic and pedestrian rules; please use sidewalks, pedestrian crosswalks and signalized intersections when available.

DISCLAIMER: You must take responsibility for your health and safety while taking these walks. The authors of the favorite walks and Sebastopol Walks assume no responsibility for any injury or damage that may occur along these routes.


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