About Sebastopol Walks

Sebastopol Walks, aka iWalk Sebastopol, was inspired by Richard Nichol’s 2007 book by the same name. Nichols, the former Executive Director of Coastwalk, wrote a guide to exploring Sebastopol on foot after discovering that none existed and inspired several others, including Sebastopol City Council member and former mayor Sarah Gurney, to begin offering a series of walks based on the book. While early walks followed the routes described in Richard’s book, many of the walks from 2009 onward have been new walks or encores of popular walks developed by the Walks Committee

The walks initially were sponsored by the City of Sebastopol, Sebastopol Area Chamber of Commerce and Palm Drive Hospital. Our current sponsors include the City, the Chamber of Commerce and the Sebastopol Area Senior Center.

Our program helped inspire the creation of Sonoma County Health Action’s iWalkSonoma initiative in 2009 and we list our walks on the iWalk calendar; we adopted a secondary title of iWalk Sebastopol in response to becoming part of the iWalkSonoma. Our walks have become increasingly popular; while a few attract only a handful (mostly due to weather), we’ve had over 50 participants for a number of walks (the record is 65). While most walkers come from Sebastopol, some have come fromSan Francisco and other places through publicity from iWalkSonoma, Bay Area Hikes and other groups. We expect number to continue to grow as more people find us through this website and our FaceBook page.

We steadily increased the number of walks we offer. Our basic schedule remains the last Saturday of each month, but the 2012 schedule includes five evening walks and a second date for our Art @ the Source walk in October.

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