“Rain cancels! Sarah’s March 31 Hill Walk is a no-go” — Walk Report

Walk Leader Sarah Gurney reports:

Sarah at the Plaza

Sarah at the Plaza

“There was no doubt in my mind at 9 AM on Saturday March 31 that it was too rainy to walk “The Hills of Sebastopol,” a variation on Richard Nichol’s “cardio walk.” It was pouring downtown and rained like that for almost two hours.

There will come another nice day when you can do this walk, so here’s the proposed route. It includes some steep ups and downs and most are broken by some level or easier walking. You’ll never think of Sebastopol as flat again! Try it out and tell me what you think.”

From The Plaza:
  1. Take McKinley to North Main and cross at the light to the west side.
  2. Turn right on North Main.
  3. Left on Wilton
  4. Left on S. High
  5. Right on Calder
  6. Left on Parquet, continue to the cul de sac and back down
  7. Right on Calder
  8. Right on Vine
  9. Left on Maple
  10. Right on S. High
  11. Cross Hayden at the school’s driveway, walk through the front parking lot and the rear parking lot [east side of building] to the stairway uphill.
  12. Take the small steps up to Ethan.
  13. Left on Ethan
  14. Right on Litchfield.
  15. Right on Fircrest
  16. Left on McFarlane
  17. Right on Meadowlark, over the hill
  18. Continue on Jewell heading north
  19. Right on Woodland
  20. Left on McFarlane
  21. Left on Walnut
  22. Right on Jewell
  23. Right on Palm
  24. Right on Blossomwood [downhill to cross Palm]
  25. Continue north onto Swain
  26. Continue uphill onto Calder
  27. Left on S. Main
  28. Just past the light at Sebastopol Avenue/Bodega, turn right into the passageway to return to The Plaza.

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  1. Sent to Sarah…

    “Dear Sarah, We had a gorgeous walk on Thursday, 13 of us traipsing up and down the neighborhood, sun shining, air fresh, flowers blooming, lungs pumping….thanks for passing on the map! Looking forward to joining the IWALK hikes. janet”

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