Two Creeks & A Temple — The Walk Report

Leaving the Temple to return downtown (photo by Sarah Gurney)

Leaving the Temple to return downtown (photo by Sarah Gurney)

We had a huge crowd for our February walk — possibly as many as 70 for our start at the Plaza — despite a chilly, windy morning. Fortunately, most of the route stayed away from major street crossings, so we only stopped traffic a few times. We stopped many times along the way at various points of interest, which let the stragglers  catch up. Sarah Gurney served as a “sweep” to make sure we didn’t lose anyone.

The 3.5 mile walk took us up Calder Creek through Ives Park to Leland Street, then First Street and Jewell to Lynch Road. In addition to talking about the creek and the City’s storm sewer system, we had the opportunity to explore part of the City’s fresh water supply system as we passed one of the City wells and the 1.5 million gallon First Street Reservoir.

From Lynch Road, we descended into the Witter Creek watershed and followed Witter Creek down to the landmark Enmanji Temple on Highway 116 at Elphick Road. George Thau, a member of the Enmanji Temple Board, was kind enough to meet us and lead a short tour of the temple before we headed back to the Plaza.

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  1. Thanks so much to Geoffrey and to Sarah Gurney for the fun and informative walk. It was great to discover so many little hidden spots and to see the neighborhoods that I usually drive through from a different perspective.

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